Conversaciones neoyorquinas de un extranjero


Un guía turístico desorientado

-Where are you from?
-I am from Argentina.
-Oh!, thats a long way from here!
-Yes it is
-¿Que te lamas?
-I am sorry?
– ¿Que te lamas?
-Sorry, I can´t understand you.
-I am asking you for your name.
-Oh! I am Lucas.
-So, in your country do you speak Spanish or Portuguese?
-Spanish. I am sorry, but it is not well said “que te lamas”.
-Oh, and how is it in the right way?
-Como te llamas.

Un vendedor ambulante ruso con frío

-How are you, men?
– Well, I am fucking freezing.
– Yeah, it really is.
– So, how many hours do you work here?
– 24 hours a day men. That is the way it goes.
– That´s a lot. Were are you from?
– From Russia.
– Oh, so, for a Russian like you this kind of cold is nothing, right?
– Of course, in my town the temperature is much less from 0 grades.
– So, this should be nothing for you, right?
– Of course, this is nothing. Do you want any bananas or an orange? Where are you from?
– No, thank´s. I am from Argentina.
-mmmmmm, Marrrradona…
– Yeah, Maradona
– Orrrtega…
– Well, it looks you now a lot about Argentina´s soccer..
– Na, that´s all I know….

Un mozo macedonio en un restaurante italiano

Where are you from?
-Good! My uncle went to Argentina in the fifties.
-Well, that´s great.
-Yes. He killed someone in Macedonia, our country, and went to jail. Then he went to Argentina but didn´t like it because he had to work a lot.
-And where did he work?
-In the rails. He woke up every day at 5 am and worked 12 hours. So he said: “Oh, Argentina is not good”.

Un neoyorquino sabio del fútbol

-Where are you from?
– Argentina.
-I have been there for work, in Bariloche. I am a cameraman and shot a movie there, about gauchos. A love story. Fiction.
-Gauchos in Bariloche?
-Waw! That´s nice.
-So, you like soccer?
-Indeed. My favorite sport.
-Oh, so what happened between Maradona and Riquelme?
-Well, it´s difficult to say. I think it was like an “ego” problem. You know, two big stars in the same team.
-I know. So the team it´s not so good now, right?
-Well, they are not playing well, but we have Messi.
-And Verón, but he is too old, right?
-Yeah, he is 34 or 35 years old.
-Well, it seems Messi is the only thing you got. You don´t have a good team. That´s it. I think is not going to be a good World Cup for you men, sorry.
-Jajaj, we´ll see.

(*) En la primera foto, un típico puesto ambulante en Nueva York, en la segunda, un hombre ebrio sentado a un sabio del fútbol….

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  1. Roberto

    tus conversaciones en NY son atrapantes
    el burrito junto a Maradona, una joyita con el vendedor ambulante ruso

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